The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

//The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

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Here’s what you get from the course…

Over 30 easy to understand videos which are updated regularly.

All videos are split into modules.

  • Module 1: Cockpit Drill / Controls
  • Module 2: Moving The Vehicle
  • Module 3: T – Junctions
  • Module 4: Crossroads
  • Module 5: Meeting Traffic & Adequate Clearance
  • Module 6: Driving Uphill / Downhill
  • Module 7: Dual Carriageways
  • Module 8: Roundabouts
  • Module 9: Pedestrian Crossings
  • Module 10: Manoeuvres
  • Module 11: Planning & Anticipation
  • Module 12: Emergency Stop
  • Module 13: Independent Driving
  • Module 14: Show Me Tell Me Questions

The course covers every detail required to pass the driving test…

12 reviews for The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

  1. Rizwan Razaq (verified owner)


  2. Gary Wallis (verified owner)

    Great app enjoying this before my lessons

  3. Ganesh Tidke (verified owner)

    Really helpful for new learners with right information….thank you ..

  4. Mohammed Irfaan (verified owner)

    Great app, helps before driving lessons.

  5. Hyacinth Dela Cruz (verified owner)

    The Ultimate Driving Course has been really helpful and useful when learning to drive.

    When beginning a lesson, I’m not completely lost about what to do as these videos have been very informative. Of course, you need to actually be in the car to learn but all the information is in my head so it’s just a matter of putting it into practice.

    I would definitely recommend 🙂

  6. Mohamed Mohamed (verified owner)

    Really helpful I liked

  7. Bridget Tighe (verified owner)

    Thank you for this, so helpful!

  8. Ankit Jaiswal (verified owner)

    The Ultimate Driving Course Videos are very nice. It does give you lot of ideas about how to drive and plan accordingly before you start your driving practical sessions. I am using it here in Germany and most of methods work well. I am still having my practical sessions but it is helping me.

  9. Daniel Duplea (verified owner)

    Really helpful for new learners not too long videos, not too short it’s exactly what i need tank you.

  10. Abbey Mccann (verified owner)

    I did this course alongside doing my practical lessons, it was a great help and amazing to keep your mind refreshed on the lead up to your test. You can check off when each module is complete so you know where you’re up to. I watched the videos over and over the day before my test and just passed today. Very happy with my purchase !

  11. Dizhot henrietta ARUWAN (verified owner)

    The videos are very useful

  12. Sandra roxburgh (verified owner)

    Only purchased it last 2 weeks ago and won’t let me view any of the videos wasnt aware you only get limited time very disappointed

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